Elise is very privileged to have met and worked with some of the world's top riders across the United States and Europe. She has maintained relationships with all of her equestrian mentors throughout the years and is proud to represent their knowledge and expertise through her own business. 

"While Elise was in my program she demonstrated well developed skills in both horse management and her riding abilities. She is easy to work with and follows instructions very well. I have worked with many Three Day Event riders including Bonnie Mosser and Buck Davidson and truly believe that Elise has all the talent of such riders. Her seat is well developed and she has the skills to train horses through the highest levels of dressage and Eventing. I am confident that she will be an asset to any international Three Day Event team in the future and look forward to seeing her compete at the four star level."

- International Dressage Rider, Oded Shimoni 

" Elise was a student of mine in 2008 where I found her to be mature, on time and always beautifully turned out for which ever phase we had intended to work on that day. Her horses were always in the best of health and she was independently responsible for their feeding and care during this time. Previous to Elise being a student I was able to witness her during competitions in which she conducted herself with dignity and maturity well beyond her years. She never ceased to impress me not only with her competitive edge but also with her drive and work ethic. Elise and I have kept in touch since our time together in 2008. Our paths diverged when Miss Handy changed disciplines from 3 day eventing to dressage but I am confident that her attention to detail and her understanding of true horse management has only improved with her exposure to other good horse management program"

International Eventer, Jonathon Holling

"During her time with me Elise was always a very polite young lady, very nice to have in the barn with a compassion for her horses that was obvious. Her horses were always in the best of health and were happy to work for her. She interacted well with the other clients and was never anything but a model student, rider, and colleague to have around. I am proud to have called her my student and now my fellow equestrian professional.  Her fundamental understanding of dressage is very good and her horsemanship skills are as well. I truly believe she will grow to be quite an accomplished equestrian athlete"

- Olympic Gold Medalist, Leslie Law

"I have been able to observe Elise riding a big warmblood. Having ridden that particular horse myself, I knew what the horse was able to do and that he could be very difficult at times even for a professional dressage rider. Elise always was impressive to watch ride as she had a unique connection with her horses. She could make a very difficult horse to ride look easy, a skill that is hard to come by these days. I would recommend her to anyone who is having problems with their horse as she is very capable and talented at producing reliable and ridable horses. She has very quiet hands and is an extremely effective rider even when the horse is a difficult ride. When I saw Elise riding the same horse again several months later, I saw a lot of improvement in the horse's development, which speaks to the fact that Elise is not only an effective rider but that she incorporates into her regular riding routine what she has learned from others. I look forward to be working with her again and wish her all the best!"

- International Dressage Rider, Volker Brommann

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